Scaling Mt. Jira

April 2021 Webinar – Available On-Demand

Are you managing a Jira platform that’s growing or operating at scale?

It’s not always easy. There are a range of factors that can threaten the sustainable and manageable growth of Jira – but we’re here to help!

Watching the recording of Scaling Mt Jira where guest speakers from Atlassian, DEISER, The Jira Guy and Automation Consultants share their experiences, best practices, top tips and a number of tools that can make a real difference to you when administering growing Jira platforms.

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Challenges and considerations when scaling Jira

Peter Byrne, Support Engineer

Admins can be faced with a myriad of complex challenges that need to be managed in order for Jira platforms to keep operating effectively. From system complexity, to people, processes and infrastructure, these challenges can quickly become a major problem when platforms are growing or operating at scale. 

In this presentation Peter explores these different factors and the risks they pose so that you can plan for and mitigate them with confidence.

Finding the bottlenecks

Rodney Nissen, The Jira Guy

As your Jira instance grows, there are a number of bottlenecks that can stop your efforts in their track. 

In this session Rodney discusses the different system and process bottlenecks, how you can identify them, and some of the ways you can effectively overcome them.

Rodney is the author of the successful blog “The Jira Guy”. His blog is a great source of valuable tips and tricks to help Jira Admins understand Jira as a platform and the ways to get the most out of their systems. 

Building a good foundation for the future

Case Study

Jira’s flexibility enables you to create almost any kind of workflow and configuration – but is this always the best for business growth? Too much choice can send you down the rabbit hole of possibilities, making system maintainability difficult to manage. 

In this talk James shares how his client managed the challenge of scalability whilst maintaining an element of customization for our Jira users.

Take control of large Jira instances with Projectrak gadgets (formerly Profields)

Flora Rubio, DEISER

A common struggle big companies face maintaining their Jira is to keep them healthy and working with optimal response times.

In this talk, Flora walks you through a method to help you diagnose large Jira instances in real-time by using Projectrak gadgets in Jira dashboards; You’ll learn how to display the schemes associated with your projects to monitor your Jira instance’s standardization better.

Besides, we will show you how to save time making mass changes to edit or remove any property from your projects in Jira in a matter of seconds.

Simplifying administration at scale

Jeff Tomband, AppFox

The time of a Jira Admin is precious. It’s essential you have the tools needed to keep Jira platforms well maintained so that users can benefit from a high performing system. 

In this presentation, Jeff shares how Optimizer for Jira can support Admins managing Jira platforms of all sizes. You’ll learn how it can give you full oversight of your systems and provide you with the tools needed to make meaningful improvements – efficiently, and at scale.  

What's new and coming soon in Jira?

Kurt Klinner, Atlassian

Document based index replication, REST API rate limiting, custom field identification… with the latest versions of Jira there are a bunch of features focusing on performance and scale.
In this presentation Kurt will talk you through the latest improvements and the features that are coming to Jira soon.

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