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Risk management and analysis made easy in Trello

Transform your Trello board into a two-dimensional grid and organize cards into meaningful categories to assess probability and risk.

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visual, two dimensional matrix

Turn chaos into clarity and organize projects by risk level

Bring structure to your projects in Trello and organize projects across a two-dimensional grid. Matrix will help you reduce confusion and increase clarity so your teams can easily identify the greatest areas of risk.

Drag and drop cards

Collaborate together to manage project risks with confidence

Matrix for Trello makes risk management effortless for everyone working in Trello. Easily drag and drop tasks or projects into the correct location in your matrix and collaborate seamlessly as a team.

Matrix Statuses

Give everyone visibility within a single source of truth

Place Trello at the heart of your risk management process and keep everyone aligned with clear, consistent matrix statuses.

Game-changing features

Why use Matrix for Trello?

Organize and visualize in Trello

Create a central source of truth and transform Trello into a tool that makes project and risk management effortless for everyone.

Manage risks with efficiency

Waste less time and be laser-focused on the areas that need your attention. Matrix for Trello gives you the power to manage project risks with game-changing efficiency.

Design the matrix you need

Don’t be constrained to a one-size fits all. Easily build the matrix you need and unlock additional customization options with the Pro version.

Get started in seconds

Hit the ground running with no complicated setup process required. Once Matrix has been added to Trello, you can convert your Board to a matrix at the click of a button.

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