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Empower your teams to create and manage content in a more collaborative, consistent and structured way

Confluence provides teams and businesses with a platform to create content, share knowledge and manage documentation across groups or organisations. It helps reduce silos by promoting creativity, collaboration and sharing between people and teams. 

Our Apps can help your teams create and share even greater content within Confluence.

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Approvals for Confluence

Take your content from draft to final using a simple and integrated approval tool. With the click of a button, you can send Confluence pages or sections to individuals and teams for review and approval.

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Compliance for Confluence

Manage the data and information stored in Confluence in a way that aligns with your business processes and applicable regulations. Protect information and mitigate data loss by using data classification, access restriction and automated data redaction.

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Workflows for Confluence

Personalize the way your teams create, share and publish content in Confluence. Build custom workflows tailored to your business that include review and approvals, page restrictions and expirations.

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