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Approvals made effortless for everyone using Trello

Supercharge productivity and level up your Trello workflow with an integrated approval tool that everyone will enjoy using.

Making the approval process a breeze for over 100,000 organizations worldwide

easy to use

Get work approved in Trello at the click of a button

Take your work from “to do” to “done” quicker than ever before without leaving Trello. Easily request approvals at the click of a button within your Trello Cards and let Approvals for Trello take care of the rest.

single source of truth

Gather valuable feedback from your team in one place

Say goodbye to trawling through endless email chains to gather feedback from reviewers. With Approvals, any feedback from the approval process is captured within Trello, making it quicker to find and easier to action.

Visible Approval Statuses

View the progress of any approval from start to finish

Get a birds-eye view of all your approvals within your Trello board and manage multiple projects with ease. Quickly identify any bottlenecks in the approval process so you can take action to keep things moving smoothly.

Trigger-based Automation

Boost productivity with approval-based automations

Keep projects moving within Trello (literally) with the game-changing automation options. Once approved or rejected, Approvals for Trello will automatically move your Cards to pre-defined lists, leaving you to focus on what really matters.

Game-changing features

Why use Approvals for Trello?

Keep your workflow in Trello

Don’t let a fragmented or siloed review and approval process slow your projects down. Bring your entire approval process into Trello and get projects completed without endless email chains and unnecessary delays.

Smash your deadlines

Take your projects from “to-do” to “done” quicker than ever before with a seamless review and approval experience at the heart of your Trello workflow.

Choose the process you need

Choose the approval process that’s right for you. Easily set up single or multi-stage review cycles and ensure projects are approved by the right people.

Automate the approval workflow

Unleash the power of automation to help streamline your Trello workflow and make approvals effortless – for everyone.

Get the help you need, whenever you need it

Help Center

Learn how to use Approvals for Trello to its full potential with our user guides and Customer Support team.

Video Tutorials

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the features in Approvals for Trello so you can hit the ground running and become the expert on your team.

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