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Analyze, configure and optimize Jira with confidence and game-changing efficiency. It’s time to transform your administration experience in Jira Cloud.
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Health Checks for Jira Cloud

Monitor and track the health of Jira so you can quickly identify the most important areas for improvement. Health Checks give you the data and insights needed to focus your time, effort, and expertise where it matters most.

instance overview

Get a clear, birds-eye view of your Jira configurations

Spend less time searching through different admin screens or using complex scripts to connect the dots. Quickly view all your Jira configurations in one place so you can be laser focused on the most important areas for improvement.

Custom Views

Make better informed, insights-driven decisions

Get a new perspective of the Projects, Custom Fields and other configurations in Jira with Optimizer’s game-changing smart tables. Easily customize your view to display the exact information you need to make better informed, more confident decisions.

actions and editing

Clean up and optimize Jira in seconds with bulk actions

Harness the power of inline editing and bulk actions to make lightning fast changes to Jira projects and configurations. Once changes are identified, use Optimizer’s change management process to ensure changes are only actioned on your terms.

Dependency Analysis

Easily view relations and dependencies between objects

Get a clear picture of the relationship between the projects and configurations in your Jira instance. Use these insights to make more informed choices and mitigate the risk of breaking changes occuring.

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Why use Optimizer for Jira?

Maximize your value and impact

As a Jira admin, you play a critical role in your organization’s success with Jira. Optimizer gives you the insights and tools needed to optimize Jira efficiently and deliver greater value to your stakeholders.

Easily view the data you need

Spend less time trawling through Jira to find the information you need to do your job. Let Optimizer bring all the important information to you and focus your effort on putting the unique insights into action.

Make insights-driven decisions

Let the data guide your decision making. Optimizer will provide the insights you need to make the most impactful improvements in Jira with confidence and efficiency.

Optimize Jira with ease

Clean up unused or inactive configurations in seconds and make meaningful improvements so your users can enjoy using a well-maintained, optimized Jira.

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Help Center

Learn how to use Optimizer for Jira to its full potential with our user guides and Customer Support team.

Video Tutorials

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the features in Optimizer for Jira so you can hit the ground running and become the expert on your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Optimizer for Jira is an all-in-one tool designed to help Jira admins analyze, configure and optimize projects and configurations with confidence and efficiency.

There are two ways to install Optimizer for Jira. First, you can click Try it free on the Atlassian Marketplace listing and follow the prompts. Secondly, you can search for Optimizer for Jira within your Confluence application itself. Navigate to the Apps menu and then click through to Find new apps to begin the process.
You can get a free 30-day trial of Optimizer for Jira through the Atlassian Marketplace. After the 30-day trial has expired you will be required to purchase a subscription to continue using the app. For more details please refer to the FAQs on our Atlassian Marketplace listing.

There is no setup required to start using Optimizer for Jira. Once installed, Optimizer will display the information in your Jira instance so you can start making more informed admin decisions to optimize your Jira site

There is an extensive range of user guides available to help you use all of the features in Optimizer for Jira. However, if you have any questions and cannot find answers in the user guides, please reach out to our Customer Support team who will be happy to help.

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