Health Checks for Jira Cloud

Monitor and track the health of Jira so you can focus your time, effort and expertise where it matters most.

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Site-wide health checks

Easily identify areas to improve across Jira

Get a birds-eye view of the health of Jira without wasting time writing manual scripts, exporting data to CSV, or navigating through Jira admin settings. Health Checks displays all the information you need in on place so you can easily identify areas of concern and communicate to stakeholders where resource is required.

Configuration-Specific Checks

Focus your time, effort and expertise where it matters most

Your time is precious and it should be spent where you will make the biggest impact. With Optimizer, you can quickly identify the areas where your expertise is needed and jump in to make changes and improvements that will keep your Jira site clean, clutter-free and well optimized.  

Experience the future of Jira Administration

The Health Checks in Optimizer are an absolute game-changer for Jira admins and will save a ton of time when tidying up Jira. It’s so intuitive, and the coloured indicators give an excellent at-a-glance view of the areas in Jira that need attention so you can focus where it matters.

Sorting & Filtering

Sort and filter data for faster, more efficient analysis

Harness the power of Optimizer’s much-loved smart tables to dive into the details and analyze the results your way. Quickly sort and filter the data tables to view the exact information you need to make better-informed decisions.

Bulk actions

Clean up and optimize your Jira in seconds

Keep your Jira site in top condition with Optimizer by your side. Easily remove unwanted, duplicated, or inactive objects in a matter of seconds with powerful bulk actions. You can also unleash the power of inline editing to make rapid changes to the name and description of projects and configurations across your Jira site.

Jira Health Scoring

Track the positive impact of your work over time

Visualise the impact you are making and easily track the success of your hard work as a Jira admin. Optimizer’s Health Checks will grade your Jira at the site level and across individual projects and configurations, so you can show stakeholders the impact you have made over time.

Help us take Optimizer to the next level

Let us know what you think

Your feedback will help us improve this powerful new feature and make your role as a Jira admin even easier. We’ve got a ton of exciting improvements in the pipeline for Health Checks, but we’d love to hear what you think!

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