Approvals for Confluence

Review and Approvals for Confluence Pages

For many teams and businesses it’s important for content in Confluence to be approved before being shared. Relying on email and instant messaging to manage approvals is time consuming and version control will be flawed.

By using Approvals for Confluence, you can integrate an easy-to-use review and approval process directly into your Confluence pages. Your teams will have access to a tool that enables them to get their content reviewed and approved in a simple but consistent way.

Send Content for Review and Approval

With Approvals for Confluence, your teams can create and share content with confidence knowing it has been approved before publishing. 

You can choose to submit entire pages or sections within it for review, giving teams the flexibility to manage their content approvals with precision.

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Automate content expirations

Maintaining high quality, up-to-date content is important. For example, you may use Confluence to store company policies and you’ll want to ensure employees have access to the right versions. 

By using Approvals for Confluence, you can set content expirations dates so that when content expires, it no longer shows as approved and prompts the owner to re-submit for approval. 

Keep Projects on Track

Use automated email notifications and powerful search functionality to keep your projects moving forward.  

Your reviewers will be automatically notified by email if content is waiting for their review. Content owners can also use the search functionality to view the progress of document approvals and take action if there are potential roadblocks or delays on content reviews. 

Confluence Page with a list of pages that are Approved, Pending or Rejected

Why use Approvals for Confluence?

Improved Quality

Harness the expertise of different team members in the review process and turn good content into great content.

Peace of Mind

Release content with confidence knowing it has been approved in line with your document management procedures.

Team Working

Use the review and approval process to foster a co-creation mentality and build great content as a team.

Time Saving

Use an integrated tool and make the review process part of Confluence. Content can be sent for review in just a few clicks.


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