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Get content reviewed and approved with ease in Confluence

Empower your teams to create and share their work with confidence, knowing it has been reviewed and approved by the right people.

Making the approval process effortless in Confluence for leading brands worldwide


Accelerate productivity with centralized, hassle-free approvals

Say goodbye to endless email chains, version chaos, or using disconnected tools to get your work approved. Turn Confluence into the central source of truth with an integrated approval tool everyone will enjoy using.

customizable approvals
Get the right content reviewed and approved by the right people

The secret to higher quality, accurate and compliant content is ensuring the right people have reviewed it at the right time. With Approvals, you have the flexibility to choose the approval type and reviewers needed for the task at hand.

approval statuses & Notifications

Keep everyone in the loop throughout the entire process

Give your stakeholders the visibility needed throughout the approval process with automated notifications and an integrated approvals search. Keep everyone in the loop from start to finish so you can avoid unnecessary delays and hit your deadlines.

designed for every team
Request approvals in a flash with no complex setup required

Get your approval process up and running in seconds with an intuitive, easy-to-use approval tool. Approvals for Confluence is designed for every type of team to use without complex onboarding or training requirements.

Experience an effortless review and approval process

Why teams love using Approvals for Confluence

Manage approvals in one place

Spend less time jumping between different tools or applications to get work approved. Manage your entire approval workflow in Confluence and create a truly centralized source of truth.

Choose the approval you need

Don’t be restricted to a one-size fits all approach to approvals in Confluence. Select the approval type you need to get documents approved the right way.

Simple to use, easy to master

Give your teams an easy-to-use, intuitive approval tool that requires no complicated setup or coding experience. Once installed, Approvals is ready to go!

See all feedback in context

Feedback is a gift and your approval team may provide plenty. With Approvals, you can easily view feedback in one place so you can keep projects moving forward and smash your deadlines.

Leading Customer Support

Get the help you need, whenever you need it

Help Center

Learn how to use Approvals for Confluence to its full potential with our user guides and Customer Support team.

Video Tutorials

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the features in Approvals for Confluence so you can hit the ground running and become the expert on your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Approvals for Confluence is an integrated review and approval solution for Confluence. It’s designed to make the entire approval process effortless for everyone involved, allowing you to focus on creating your best work.

There are two ways to install Approvals for Confluence in two ways. First, you can click Try it free on the Atlassian Marketplace listing and follow the prompts. Secondly, you can search for Approvals for Confluence within your Confluence application itself. Navigate to the Apps menu and then click through to Find new apps to begin the process.

This depends on the hosting type for the application. If you are trialing the Cloud version of Approvals for Confluence, after the 30-day trial has expired you will be required to purchase a subscription to continue using the app.

If you are using a Data Center version of Approvals for Confluence, you can extend the free 30-day trial up to 5 times, in other words, for up to 6 months. After this point, you would be required to purchase the app if you wanted to keep using it.

For more details please refer to the FAQs on our Atlassian Marketplace listing.

There is no setup required to start using Approvals for Confluence. Once installed, you can start using it immediately to request approvals from your teammates.
There is an extensive range of user guides available to help you use all of the features in Approvals for Confluence. However, if you have any questions and cannot find answers in the user guides, please reach out to our Customer Support team who will be happy to help.

Make the approval process easy for everyone in Confluence

Get a free 30-day trial through the Atlassian Marketplace or book a demo with our expert team to see Approvals in action.