Compliance for Confluence

Data loss prevention (DLP) for your Confluence site

Unstructured or disorganized information is difficult to protect and can expose your organization to unnecessary risk. It’s time to take control with a data loss prevention tool built for Confluence.

Trusted by businesses worldwide to help protect their data in Confluence

Data classification levels

Bring a data-security driven structure to Confluence
Bring structure and organization to the information stored in your Confluence with data classification. Categorize pages at the click of a button and raise awareness amongst users to mitigate the risk of improper use or sharing of information.

Level-based page restrictions

Reduce risk and improve control with level-based restrictions

Take control over which users or groups can access content in Confluence using classification-level based page restrictions. Easily align the access to Confluence pages with your data protection policies and user access requirements.

Sensitive data Detection
Identify areas of risk with real-time sensitive data detection

Discover sensitive data wherever its located in your Confluence pages with automated sensitive data detection. Compliance will search for data including email addresses, IP addresses, credit card numbers and social security numbers.

Trigged-based protection
Protect sensitive data upon detection to mitigate risk

Mitigate the risk of your organization’s data being exposed with automated actions that trigger once sensitive data is detected. Choose from a wide range of actions and let Compliance help you maintain robust data management in Confluence. (Data Center only)

Powerful features to help organize and protect your data in Confluence

Why use Compliance for Confluence?

Identify areas of risk or concern

Be proactive in the fight against data loss or exposure. Quickly identify areas of risk with sensitive data detection and bring structure to your pages with classification levels to ensure content is categorized appropriately.

Take steps to reduce risk

Reduce the risk of sensitive data loss or exposure in Confluence with advanced page permissions and real-time sensitive data detection.

Gain greater control of data

Mitigate risk and take greater control of the data in your Confluence with the range of powerful features Compliance has to offer.

Achieve peace of mind

Give yourself the peace of mind you need when it comes to data protection in Confluence. Take full advantage of the powerful features in Compliance to ensure your organization are adopting good data handling practices in Confluence.

Get the help you need, whenever you need it

Help Center

Learn how to use Compliance for Confluence to its full potential with our user guides and Customer Support team.

Video Tutorials

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the features in Compliance for Confluence so you can hit the ground running and become the expert on your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance for Confluence is an integrated data loss prevention tool that helps you organize, manage, and better protect the different types of information stored and shared in Confluence.

There are two ways to install Compliance for Confluence.

First, you can click Try it free on the Atlassian Marketplace listing and follow the prompts.

Secondly, you can search for Compliance for Confluence within your Confluence application itself. Navigate to the Apps menu and then click through to Find new apps to begin the process.

This depends on the hosting type for the application. If you are trialling the Cloud version of Compliance for Confluence, after the 30-day trial has expired you will be required to purchase a subscription to continue using the app.

If you are using a Data Center version of Compliance for Confluence, you can extend the free 30-day trial up to 5 times, in other words, for up to 6 months. After this point, you would be required to purchase the app if you wanted to keep using it.

For more details please refer to the FAQs on our Atlassian Marketplace listing.

Once Compliance for Confluence is installed, we recommend you setup the classification levels that are needed in your Confluence instance. These classification levels are the foundation for all the other powerful features in Compliance.

There is an extensive range of user guides available to help you use all of the features in Compliance for Confluence. However, if you have any questions and cannot find answers in the user guides, please reach out to our Customer Support team who will be happy to help.

It’s time to take control of your data in Confluence

Get a free 30-day trial through the Atlassian Marketplace or book a demo with our team to see Compliance in action.