Workflows for Confluence

The all-in-one document lifecycle management tool for Confluence

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to managing documents in Confluence. Build unique, custom workflows with approvals and publishing controls so that work gets done the right way.

Transforming document management in Confluence for over 1,000 businesses worldwide

Major Update:

Workflows has received a significant update to improve performance, reliability, and scalability.


Document management made easy in Confluence

Document lifecycle management

Create document workflows tailored to your business.

Bespoke review and approval processes

Ensure content is reviewed and approved by the right people.

Automated document expiration

Keep content up to date and accurate with automated expirations.

Quality Management System (QMS) workflows

Manage documents in line with regulatory standards.


Get work done the right way with the all-in-one document management solution for Confluence

Workflow builder

Build and customize workflows for any document, project or team

Bring a more consistent, structured way of working to your documents in Confluence. Create simple or complex workflows in minutes using the no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder and easily customize them to meet unique needs or process requirements.

Custom approval process

Get documents approved by the right people at the right time

Empower your teams to create high-quality content and share it with peace of mind. With Workflows, you can setup single or multi-stage approval processes to ensure documents are reviewed by the right people, at the right time – with a full audit history for compliance.

Trigger-based actions

Save valuable time and automate repetitive tasks with trigger-based actions

Boost the efficiency of your document management process in Confluence by automating manual tasks. From chasing approvers on email or Slack, to adjusting page permissions during the review process, Workflows’ automated actions will save you heaps of time. 

Workflow statuses

Turn chaos into clarity. Track the progress of every document from start to finish

Easily view the progress of any document with visible workflow statuses at the top of the page. For the full picture across Confluence, the integrated Workflows Search will give you visibility of any page using Workflows in your Confluence instance.


Get work done the right way in Confluence

Whether you are using Confluence as a company knowledge hub or building marketing plans for your next breakthrough product, Workflows gives you the tools needed to get work done the right way.

Manage any document through its entire lifecycle with tailor-made, fully customizable workflows.

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Manage your documents the right way in Confluence with an array of customizable features

Drag-and-drop Workflow Builder

Build workflows for any document, project, or team in minutes

Create simple or complex workflows in minutes with the intuitive, no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder. It’s easy to use and quick to master. 

Custom Approval processes

Get documents approved by the right people at the right time

Need a single or multi-stage approval process for your documents? No problem! Setup the review and approval process your business needs and Workflows will take care of the rest. 

Built-in Publishing controls

Publish documents to different locations in Confluence, automatically

Want to automatically publish your Confluence pages to another Space once approved? Easy peasy! Use Workflows’ built-in publishing feature to control when, where, and how content is published during a workflow.

Workflow Metadata

Enhance your Confluence pages with a selection of workflow metadata

Choose from a range of workflow metadata macros to ensure your Confluence pages contain all the essential information needed.

Automatically assign workflows

Apply workflows to pages using Confluence Query Language (CQL)

Take your document management processes to the next level in Confluence. With Workflows, you can automatically apply workflows to newly created or existing Confluence pages using CQL (e.g. label = design-team)

Work your way in Confluence with an all-in-one document management tool


Take document management to the next level in Confluence


How to use Confluence for document management

Confluence is one of the best knowledge management solutions on the market, but how can you transform it into a fully fledged document management system?


Transform the document management process in Confluence

Bring your business processes and procedures to Confluence in a way that improves compliance without hindering the ability for teams to collaborate.


Popular use cases: Workflows for Confluence

Workflows for Confluence is an all-in-one document management solution that supports a wide range of business critical use cases. Let’s explore them in detail.

Why use Workflows for Confluence?

Work your way in Confluence

Don’t be constrained to a single-way of working. Build as many workflows as you need and easily customize them to meet the needs of your different projects, documents, and teams.

Efficient reviews and approvals

Setup the single or multi-stage review and approval processes you need for the task at hand. With Workflows, you can be confident documents have been reviewed by the right people at the right time.
Increase the quality of content
Harness the power of a collaborative approval process to elevate the accuracy and quality of your content. With Workflows, you have the tools needed to bring the right people together during the workflow process.
Improve process compliance
Bring greater structure, control, and peace of mind to the way you work in Confluence. Workflows enables you to create custom workflows that align with your document management and compliance processes.

Get the help you need, whenever you need it

Help Center

Learn how to use Workflows for Confluence to its full potential with our range of user guides. Our UK-based customer support team is on hand to help you get the most out of Workflows.

Video Tutorials

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the features in Workflows for Confluence so you can hit the ground running and become the expert on your team.

Migrate to Workflows

Moving to Workflows for Confluence from another document management solution? We’ve got you covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Workflows for Confluence helps you transform your document management processes in Confluence to better align with the way you work. It comes with the tools you need to create unique, tailored workflows for any document, project, or team.

There are two ways to install Workflows for Confluence in two ways.

First, you can click Try it free on the Atlassian Marketplace listing and follow the prompts.

Secondly, you can search for Workflows for Confluence within your Confluence application itself. Navigate to the Apps menu and then click through to Find new apps to begin the process.

You can get a free 30-day trial of Workflows for Confluence through the Atlassian Marketplace. After the 30-day trial has expired you will be required to purchase a subscription to continue using the app.

For more details please refer to the FAQs on our Atlassian Marketplace listing.

After Workflows for Confluence has been installed, you will need to create your first document workflow. You can either build these from scratch or take advantage of the ready-made templates that are available in Workflows.

There is an extensive range of user guides available to help you use all of the features in Workflows for Confluence. However, if you have any questions and cannot find answers in the user guides, please reach out to our Customer Support team who will be happy to help.

Are you ready to transform document management in your Confluence?

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