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Build custom Confluence Workflows

Use the drag and drop workflow builder to create the content processes that meet the needs of your team and aligns with document management policies and procedures. 

You can create simple or complex workflows in minutes and apply them across as many Confluence pages as you like. With Workflows for Confluence, the power is in your hands.

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Use Review and Approval Workflows

Make sure content is reviewed and approved before publishing by adding an approval process to your workflows. You can set up single or multi-stage approval workflows on your Confluence pages – depending on your requirements. 

With Workflows for Confluence, you can create more than one type of approval workflow. These can be applied to the Confluence pages you need, giving you the flexibility to apply your document management processes across Confluence in an easy but structured way. 

Save time, use automated actions

Don’t waste time doing things manually. Workflows for Confluence is packed with automation features such as page permission changes and webhook notifications to other popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Jira. 

By using page permissions, you can automatically restrict page access until it has been approved – an essential tool for business-critical documents. You can also use webhooks to send notifications to your team Slack channels and keep communication flowing between your collaboration tools. 

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A Confluence page with an email notification icon infront

Keep informed with notifications

Everyone’s busy and things can be missed. With Workflows for Confluence, you can use the automated notification to keep content owners and review teams in the loop. 

It could be as simple as an automated email to prompt content reviewers to action pending approvals. If you use Slack, Workflows for Confluence can send notifications directly to your designated channel – keeping your teams informed, where ever they work and collaborate

Why use Workflows for Confluence?

Fully Customizable

Create the workflows that are right for you. Think of Workflows for Confluence as the paint brush and canvas – you just need to paint.

Control & Consistency

Bring consistency to how your teams create and share content. With workflows, you can apply your business processes to Confluence with ease.

Team Collaboration

Use the different workflow options to enhance collaboration between your teams. Empower your teams to continue creating great content, together. 


Put Confluence at the heart of content creation and collaboration. Use webhooks to send notifications to other tools such as Slack and Jira.

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