Workflows for Confluence

Transform the way you create, manage and share content in Confluence

Choose how documents and pages are created, approved and published in Confluence. Build custom workflows that are tailored to your needs with integrated page approval processes and other document controls.

Available on Cloud only

Powerful Workflow builder

Shape how your teams work in Confluence

Use the powerful workflow editor to create document management processes that meet the needs of your teams and align with existing policies and procedures.

You can create simple and complex workflows in just a few minutes and easily apply them to individual pages or entire spaces at the click of a button. With Workflows for Confluence, the power is in your hands.

Custom approval processes

Create the exact approval processes you need

Integrate a review and approval process into your Confluence workflows and ensure documents are approved before being published or shared.

You can set up single or multi-stage approval workflows depending on your requirements. These approval workflows can be applied to the pages you need, giving you the flexibility to apply your document management processes to Confluence in an easy but structured way. 

actions & automations

Save valuable time with automated actions

Why waste time doing things manually? Workflows for Confluence comes packed with automation features such as adjusting page permissions and sending notifications to popular collaboration tools such as Slack and Jira.

For example, you can use workflow actions to restrict page access and visibility until it has been approved which may be essential for business-critical documents.

A Confluence page with an email notification icon infront

Email notifications

Keep people in the loop at all times

Take advantage of the email notifications built into Workflows for Confluence and keep your content owners and review teams in the loop.

When pages are waiting for review, your approvers will receive an email notification prompting them to take action. But that’s not all. Workflows for Confluence will keep your content owners up to date as pages progress through the workflow and as status’ change.

Why use Workflows for Confluence?

Fully Customizable

Choose from a range of workflow status’ and actions to build the document management process that is right for you.

Control & Consistency

Bring consistency to how your teams create, approve, and share content in Confluence. Workflows helps you apply document management processes with ease.

Team Collaboration

Build workflows to meet the needs of your team and enhance collaboration. By doing so, you can empower your teams to continue creating great content, together.


Put Confluence at the heart of content creation and use integrated webhooks to send notifications to collaboration tools such as Slack and Jira.

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