How to set up an approval process in – the complete guide

The success of any project relies on sweet, harmonious workflows and one of the most important ones to get right? Your approval process. This needs to be simple yet efficient to ensure quality and confidence in your work. If yours doesn’t sound like this, then you’re in the right place. Today, we’re bringing you the […]

5 Jira Migration Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Whether you’re leading a Jira migration yourself, or planning to work with a consultancy partner, migrations can be a LOT of work. So, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll cover the most common Jira migration mistakes that can crop up. Most importantly, we’ll also explain how you can avoid them. Let’s go! Some […]

How to use Confluence for document management

How many documents do you think you store in Confluence? And how do you manage those documents? Do you have a process in place to record, track, and protect your documentation? If you’re like many of the organizations we talk to, you’ll have hundreds, if not thousands, of pages in your Confluence sites. From project […]

Recommended timelines for a Jira Clean Up

If you read our last post on how to prepare for a Jira clean up, you may have gathered that we love working with (and creating apps for) Jira. And as you’ve come back for more clean up tips and guidance, we’re betting you love it too! When a Jira instance is clean, structured and […]

Atlassian Team 24: a round-up of all the excitement

Atlassian’s flagship event (Team) was back again for another round under the bright lights of Las Vegas, and it did not disappoint! AppFox and our parent company, Automation Consultants, were proud sponsors once again, and our team had an absolute blast during an action-packed week. In this article, we’ll spill the tea and share our […]

Introducing the Pro Edition of Approvals for

Since relaunching the much-loved Approvals for app back in December 2023, the response from the community has been incredible! Your feedback and ideas have helped shape our product roadmap and ensure Approvals becomes an essential part of your workflow in Today, we’re delighted to unveil an exciting new version of Approvals for […]

The complete guide to page permissions in Confluence

Your Confluence probably holds a lot of information. Some of this will be open to everyone, but there are bound to be some documents and data that need to be protected more carefully. This is where Confluence permissions take center stage. From space permissions to individual page restrictions, you can choose how to lock down […]

How to do a Jira Clean Up – the 6 stages

If you’re read our other posts about Jira clean ups, hopefully you’re now pretty confident in the following: But what you might not know is that there are six stages to a clean up. And, today, we’re going to guide you through each one. From preparation all the way through to optimization, allow us to […]

Importance of a Jira clean up

Whether you’re a Jira Admin, or simply a day-to-day user, have a think about your Jira instance for a moment. What kind of state is it in? Are you working in an ordered, usable instance? Or are you wading through unwanted data, duplicates and issues? If it’s the latter (which is the case for a […]

The ultimate guide to data classification in Confluence

We’d imagine your Confluence is home to hundreds, if not thousands, of pages. Right now, do you feel as though you have the right tools and processes in place to protect and manage all that information? If the answer is no, don’t worry! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to […]