Transform your document management processes in Confluence

In today’s digital world, knowledge is power, and effective information sharing across teams, departments, and stakeholders is often critical to the success of projects or business-critical initiatives. This information can take multiple forms. It could be verbal communications during everyday meetings (most of which could have been emails, right?) or the written content stored and shared within […]

How to use Confluence for document management

How many documents do you think you store in Confluence? And how do you manage those documents? Do you have a process in place to record, track, and protect your documentation? If you’re like many of the organizations we talk to, you’ll have hundreds, if not thousands, of pages in your Confluence sites. From project […]

Women in tech: Meet the women breaking barriers at AppFox

Despite a significant push toward increasing diversity, women are still vastly underrepresented in the tech industry. This means organizations are losing out on incredible talent, fresh ideas and new perspectives – all because women face multiple barriers to a career in STEM. We’re going to touch on some of these barriers later on in this […]

8 ways to improve your document review process in Confluence

Confluence is a great tool for creating, managing, and sharing documents. But is your review and approval process equally great? Often, the answer is no. This essential stage can be lengthy, inefficient, and ineffective. So, I went on a mission to ask our team (who have years of experience working with Confluence) for their top […]