Introducing Approvals for


We’re delighted to announce the launch of Approvals for – our first app for the platform!

As a new member to the marketplace, we’re excited to bring you our first innovative product that can transform how you work in

Approvals for provides you and your team with an integrated review and approval process that requires no complicated setup and is designed to be intuitive so users can get started quickly and easily.

You can also customize the review process in Approvals for based on your teams needs or organizational policies. For example, you can select the reviewers for each stage of the approval process, change the name of each approval cycle, and customize the columns that the Approvals app will use.

In addition, you can also partner Approvals with’s powerful automation features and create the perfect automation recipes that streamline your work and help you be more productive.

Try Approvals for for free today and discover how an integrated review and approval process can transform you manage projects in

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Craig Willson
Craig Willson
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