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Product Updates: October 2023


How on earth has this year gone by so fast?!

Another month has rolled by in a flash, and the updates to the AppFox products you love are still coming thick and fast!

In this article, we’ll explore all the latest updates to a range of our products. So grab your drink of choice, make yourself comfy, and let’s dive straight into the updates.

Product Updates:

Approvals for Confluence (Cloud)

You can now easily export the recently added Page Approval Macro to PDF or Word using the built-in exporting functionality in Confluence.

Export the Page Approval Macro to PDF or Word with ease

If you regularly export your Confluence pages into either format, you can be confident the information in Approvals for Confluence will be exported with it.

Compliance for Confluence (Data Center)

With Compliance for Confluence, you can now select which types of pages (new or updated) you want to scan for sensitive data. This feature has been widely requested by our customers and it’s an important part of our journey to take the Sensitive Data Detection feature in Compliance to the next level.

Taking a sneak peek into the future, you can expect to see some big UI improvements over the coming months, making Compliance for Confluence even easier to use and manage.

Optimizer for Jira (Cloud)

It’s fair to say there have been a LOT of improvements rolled out for Optimizer in 2023, and you now have access to even more smart tables.

The team has recently released the Resolutions, Boards, Labels, Users, and Issue Link Types smart tables so you can easily view more important configuration data in Jira.

View all of your organization’s Jira Boards at a glance in Optimizer

We only have a few smart tables left to add, and our team is laser-focused on bringing these to Optimizer as soon as possible, so you can expect the remainder to arrive over the coming months.

As a result of all the new smart tables, the left-hand navigation bar needed a bit of a re-design to accommodate all the tables but, most importantly, make it easy to find what you need. Please give a warm welcome to the brand-new navigation bar in Optimizer for Jira 😍

Say hello to a revamped navigation menu in Optimizer for Jira Cloud

Optimizer for Jira (Data Center)

For our customers using Optimizer on Server and Data Center, a couple of exciting improvements are now available for you, too!

First up, and by very popular demand, a smart table for Dashboards has been released to help you better track and manage the different dashboards in your organization’s Jira site.

View all of your Dashboards in Optimizer Server/Data Center

Last month, we announced the release of the Filters smart table in Optimizer and our team have made further improvements to the available information in this table so you can get a more detailed view of the Filters in Jira.

As 2024 draws closer, we have a ton of exciting plans in store for Optimizer that will make Jira administration even easier for you. We’re so pumped for the future of Optimizer and can’t wait to start unveiling these exciting improvements over the course of next year ✌️

Workflows for Confluence

Confluence is an incredible tool for document management, and with Workflows by your side, you can truly transform Confluence into an all-in-one document management system.

This month, we’re releasing a number of improvements that have been highly requested by you, our customers.

First, the selection of Workflows Metadata Macros continues to grow and you can now add the Approval Expiry Date macro to your Confluence pages.

Next up this month, you now have more flexibility over the number of approvers required to approve a document before it can move to the next stage of the workflow. You can now select the minimum number of approvals required per Confluence user group, which is super helpful if your approval teams are part of pre-defined groups.

Select the minimum required approvals per Confluence group

Looking to the future with Workflows, we have a bunch of UI improvements in the pipeline that will make Workflows even easier for you and your teammates to use.

Wrapping up

As the year starts to draw to a close, we’re definitely not slowing down!

Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter for all the latest updates, and if you have any questions or want to chat with our team, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

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