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Enforce data classification now available in Confluence


We’re delighted to announce that maintaining effective data classification in Confluence Cloud just got a lot easier! Introducing the brand new Enforce Data Classification feature in Compliance for Confluence :tada:

Data classification is a critical part of any modern-day data loss prevention strategy for organizations of all sizes. However, enforcing data classification across your mission-critical tools (like Confluence) can be a real challenge without the right training, processes, and procedures in place – and Enforce Data Classification is here to help!

This feature has been widely requested by our customers, and with the help of our friends at Atlassian, we’re now able to offer this as part of our popular Compliance for Confluence product.

Let’s take a look into what Enforce Data Classification is and how it can help you.

What is Enforce Data Classification?

Enforce Data Classification prevents users from creating or publishing pages in Confluence without selecting an appropriate classification level. Data classification is one of the core features in Compliance for Confluence, and the release of Enforce Data Classification takes this to the next level and gives you greater control over the information you store in Confluence.

How will it help your organization?

By using Enforce Data Classification, you can encourage users to adopt good data handling practices from the very beginning and adhere to the data classification policies that are important to your organization.

If you have hundreds or even thousands of employees in your organization, ensuring everyone is classifying their documents in Confluence is pretty tricky (if not impossible), and Enforce Data Classification now offers you a unique solution to this problem.

Without using it, Confluence users will be able to freely create pages without selecting a data classification level which may go against important parts of your data protection policies. Without the right checks in place, this could quickly escalate into a significant number of Confluence pages being left as “Pending Classification”, which is a headache you don’t need!

How can you use Enforce Data Classification?

The configuration and setup of all the features in Compliance for Confluence are accessible to Confluence admins only and Enforce Data Classification is no different. If you are already using Compliance for Confluence, you will find the Enforce Data Classification option in the Scope settings section of the product.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of how this new feature works and how you can set it up, check out the video below.

Want to get started with Compliance for Confluence?

Compliance for Confluence is a powerful tool that gives you greater control over the different types of data stored in your Confluence system. If you’re interested in trying it out, be sure to take advantage of the free 30-day trial that’s available through the Atlassian Marketplace.

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