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Introducing Approvals for 2.0


There’s nothing better than sharing exciting news with our customers, and today, we’ve got a huge announcement for all you fans…

Approvals for 2.0 is now available!

That’s right! The much-loved app, Approvals for, has been completely redesigned from the ground up to give you a more powerful approval management tool for

Since launching Approvals back in 2021, the response from the community has been incredible, with over 11,000 businesses and teams using the product to make their approval processes effortless in

Your honest feedback, suggestions for improvement, and ideas have been a source of inspiration for our team, and with the launch of Approvals 2.0, we’re making the first step towards turning this app into the all-in-one approval tool for every person using as their work OS.

So, let’s take a look back as to why we have released 2.0 and give you a sneak peek into what you can expect from this exciting new product.

Why did we rebuild Approvals for

Shortly after Approvals for reached its second birthday, it hit the 10k customer milestone which was mindblowing 🤯 For a small, super hands-on team, it has been amazing to see the positive response from the community.

But Approvals for was built to be quite simple in its design. As the number of customers continued to increase, so did the need for more powerful functionality and customization. And that’s where Approvals for 2.0 was set in motion.

Approvals for 2.0 is focused on setting the foundation for the future, and the developers have made significant improvements to the underlying structure and backend of the app. This gives a more robust platform to build more powerful yet complex features that have been eagerly requested from you, our customers.

For now, let’s take a look through some of the most exciting improvements in Approvals 2.0, particularly around the UI, design and your overall user experience.

A quick tour of Approvals 2.0

Approvals 2.0 is the next step on our mission to create the all-in-one approval management tool for everyone using

“Approvals for is a game-changer for both small and large teams, streamlining the way projects are reviewed. This powerful tool not only brings simplicity to the approval process but also introduces great features that transform the way teams work in It’s a key player in enhancing efficiency and collaboration”

Emma Thomas, Head of Product at AppFox

You’ll find a new and improved design for a fresher overall look, a more intuitive user interface, and plenty of enhanced functionality that provides a more seamless experience when managing approvals.

A modern makeover has an absolutely stunning UI, and it’s only right that Approvals 2.0 should match that. You can now access a more modern, colorful, and sleek UI that makes approval management a walk in the park.

You will also notice the approval setup process has been redesigned to be even more intuitive, cleaner, and easier to use.

The approval workflow itself has also been transformed based on customer feedback and now offers a more commonplace approval cycle from when the approval is requested all the way through to being approved or rejected.

These improvements combine to give you a more complete experience when using Approvals for

Fresh design that supports all display themes

Your work style is unique, and so is our commitment to enhancing it! With Approvals 2.0, the design adapts seamlessly to how you customize your display themes on

Whether you prefer the clarity of the light theme, the sleekness of the dark, or the tranquility of night, your choice of theme is echoed in Approvals 2.0. It’s just another way we’re providing a more connected and intuitive user experience for you.

Track the progress of any approval within your board

Feeling the fatigue from switching between tabs and apps to stay on top of tasks? We hear you!

With Approvals 2.0, you can easily track the status of any approval from within, and everything is available at a glance through the custom approval columns.

The approval statuses will update in real-time so you can better focus on keeping projects on tracking and ensuring the right people are reviewing your work at the right times.

Automate your approval process with ready-made templates

Ah, the power of automation in ⚡

If you love automation like we do, then you’ll be over the moon to hear Approvals for now comes with a set of pre-configured automations specific for your approval processes.

Need to move an item from one group to another once its approved? Easy!

Need to push back the due date of a project by a few days if it gets rejected? No problem

The power of automation can be a game-changer for you and your team, and Approvals for 2.0 unlocks a whole host of new possibilities. These templates will bring that touch of automation magic to your board so you can get work done as efficiently as possible.

More exciting things are coming soon!

Approvals 2.0 is now live, so get ready to enjoy an even more seamless approval process in :star2:

But we’re not done yet!

We’re gearing up for the next stage in our journey to create the all-in-one approval management tool for And boy, oh boy, Approvals 3.0 is set to completely change the game!

It’s a bit too early to give away any spoilers yet, but what we can promise you is it will be an update PACKED with new features. More automation, more reporting, and many more customization options. It’ll be everything you need to get your work reviewed and approved as efficiently as possible.

Ready to dive into Approvals for Give it a try today!

With the launch of Approvals for 2.0, we’re making a huge leap forward.

It’s more than just another app on the marketplace app — it’s become a mission-critical part of thousands of user’s daily workflow and we’re on a mission to make this everyone!

So why wait? Take the first step towards a more streamlined review and approval process by using Approvals for today!

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