Send Trello Cards for Review and Approval

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Submit approval requests with ease

Avoid using multiple channels to send projects or ideas to teammates and colleagues for approval. There’s no need to overcomplicate it!

By using Approvals for Trello, you will have an easy to use approval process integrated directly into your Trello Board. It’s as simple as opening the Trello Card, selecting your reviewers and pressing submit. 

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Gather Feedback from colleagues

The review process is a great opportunity to gather feedback and expertise from your team. 

By using the benefits of an approval process to your advantage, you can apply the feedback to improve your content and build something that is even more valuable to your team and customers. 

Why use Approvals for Trello?

Improved Content Quality

Use approvals as a way of assessing the quality of a project or idea. This provides an opportunity for feedback and you can make important changes that will improve the quality of the final output.

Easy to Use

Make it easy and place an approval process straight into the heart of your Trello board. Once installed, you can send Cards for approval at the click of a button. 

Peace of Mind

You can progress your projects with confidence knowing they have been reviewed and approved before being shared. 

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