AppFox Brand Guidelines

Are you using the AppFox brand in a co-marketing activity or joint sponsorship activity? Please follow the guidance shared below.

The AppFox brand is an important part of our identity and we expect our Partners to respect the guidelines we have in place below. If you have any questions about the brand guidelines below, please contact

AppFox Logo Usage

The AppFox logo comes in three formats;

  • Full colour with dark text
  • Full colour with white text
  • White logo and text
You must use the logo as it is provided to you by AppFox. Please do not alter, modify or adjust the logo in any way for use in educational or promotional materials, both physical and digital.


Our team can provide you with the logo in a JPG, PNG, or SVG format upon request.

AppFox Product Name Usage

The following products are part of the AppFox portfolio;

  • Approvals for Confluence
  • Approvals for
  • Approvals for Trello
  • Compliance for Confluence
  • Matrix for Trello
  • Optimizer for Jira
  • Workflows for Confluence

Please use their product names in full when referencing them within educational or promotional, both physical and digital.