Recommended timelines for a Jira Clean Up

If you read our last post on how to prepare for a Jira clean up, you may have gathered that we love working with (and creating apps for) Jira. And as you’ve come back for more clean up tips and guidance, we’re betting you love it too! When a Jira instance is clean, structured and […]

How to do a Jira Clean Up – the 6 stages

If you’re read our other posts about Jira clean ups, hopefully you’re now pretty confident in the following: But what you might not know is that there are six stages to a clean up. And, today, we’re going to guide you through each one. From preparation all the way through to optimization, allow us to […]

How to prepare for your Jira clean up

Usually there’s only a small team of Admins – or even just one of you! – and you’re responsible for ensuring that Jira works properly for your entire organization. That’s no mean feat when your Jira instance is a hive of activity: Projects, issues, users, tasks, workflows, fields, stories, and more. (If you’re not a […]

How to prepare for your Jira cloud migration

If you’re getting ready to move your Jira from Data Center or Server to Cloud, we’re here to help with this ultimate guide. Whether you’ve already begun to prepare for your migration to Jira Cloud, or are sat scratching your head and wondering where to start, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’re going […]