Unveiling a more robust and powerful Workflows for Confluence

Performance, reliability, and scalability are critical for success in the software industry, and they can often separate the winners from the losers. After all, you can offer a product with the most features in any field, but if customers cannot use them easily or run into problems, the product soon becomes worthless. Since launching Workflows […]

Transform your document management processes in Confluence

In today’s digital world, knowledge is power, and effective information sharing across teams, departments, and stakeholders is often critical to the success of projects or business-critical initiatives. This information can take multiple forms. It could be verbal communications during everyday meetings (most of which could have been emails, right?) or the written content stored and shared within […]

Introducing sensitive data detection in Confluence cloud

“Sensitive data” is often seen as a very serious or alarming phrase, and for good reason. The growing number of rules and regulations that govern how information is captured, used, and stored make it an important topic for every organization around the world. But with so many tools and software applications available to help us […]