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Gather feedback from your team

You may want to gather feedback from your team or colleagues on some design concepts, potential keynote speaker choices or the location of your next social. Whatever the reason – you don’t need to rely on email and instant messaging to get the answers for you. 

With Votes for Confluence, you can integrate a voting and polling system directly into your Confluence pages, providing feedback in a quick and easy way.

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Simple and Visual

Votes for Confluence operates directly within your Confluence pages making it simple and convenient to use.

Once you have received your vote or poll results, these can be displayed in  visual graphs making it quick and easy to interpret the results.

Why use Votes for Confluence?

Ease of Use

Feedback is a gift but it doesn’t need to be difficult to get. Votes for Confluence integrates polls and voting directly into your Confluence pages so it’s only a click away!

Team Working

Collaboration is at the heart of all successful teams. Use Votes for Confluence to keep your colleagues informed and make decisions as a team. 

Make Informed Decisions

Use the opinions and perspectives of your teammates to inform decision making. You can make choices with confidence knowing everyone has had a chance to input.

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