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Built-in Card and Board Analytics for Trello

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Find out how popular Content Is

For Trello Boards that are shared, it may be important to know how popular the Cards and Boards are. 

This is an easy way to find out which Trello Cards are most popular, and to see if people are taking an interest in your Boards. With View Tracker, you can integrate this tracking directly into your Trello. 

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Displayed in a simple way

Understanding how popular your content is doesn’t need to be complicated. 

With View Tracker, the information is displayed as a number at the top of the Trello Board or in the bottom corner or each Trello Card. It’s quick and easy to identify which parts of your Trello are most viewed. 

Integrate with Google Analytics

This is a Pro Feature only. 

For many businesses, Google Analytics is at the heart of analytics and measurement. 

With View Tracker, you can integrate your Trello metrics straight into your Google Analytics. Make it easy for your teams and collect this valuable data in the same place you were already collecting data and insights.

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Why use View Tracker for Trello?

Built into your Trello

Avoid opening other applications to find the metrics you want. View Tracker integrates directly into your Trello Board so you can see the metrics all in one place.

Simple to Use

It’s a simple as install, activate and your metrics will begin displaying. At the click of a button you can customize View Tracker to restrict which users can see the view counter. 

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is an essential tool across teams and businesses. With View Tracker, you can integrate these metrics straight into your Google Analytics estates. 

(Pro Feature only)

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