Organize Trello Cards into a Two-Dimensional Grid

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Visualise your trello cards

The visual nature of Trello is one of its core strengths. You can create a huge number of cards and organise them into columns to bring structure and order to your work. 

With Matrix for Trello, you can structure your Trello Cards with a twist. By using a two-dimension grid you can plot a large number of your Trello Cards in a simple and visual way. 

Trello Cards organised in a two dimensional grid
Trello Cards being moved around a two dimension matrix grid

Ability to drag and drop

Change is a constant. If you are using a two-dimension grid to plot your tasks and projects in a risk matrix or a grid that will adjust over time then you need a way to make changes as situations progress.

With Matrix for Trello, you can easily drag and drop your Trello Cards into other quadrants on the grid. Spend more time working on your projects and less time organising them by using Matrix for Trello. 

Why use Matrix for Trello?

Organize your Trello

Bring structure to your Trello Boards by using a two-dimensional grid. Organize your cards in a way that’s easy to understand. 

Visually Appealing

Plot your Trello Cards in a simple, visual grid that uses colour to differentiate the different quadrants. 

Easy to Use

Organising your Trello doesn’t need to be difficult. With Matrix’s drag and drop functionality you can make changes in seconds. 

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