Hierarchy for Trello

Organize your Trello Cards using Hierarchy Relationships

Have you got Trello Cards which are related to eachother? You might have sub-tasks, sub-projects or reminders that relate to other Cards in your Board. 

Bring organisation to your Trello Board by using Hierarchy for Trello. You can arrange your Trello Cards using a parent and child relationship so it’s clear and easy to understand which Cards are related.

Structure Trello Boards

Trello is a great way to plan projects and keep tasks all in one place. But as your Trello Boards grow in size, it can become difficult to keep on top of your projects and keep everything organised. 

With Hierarchy for Trello, you can bring structure to your Trello in a way that’s useful to you and easy to understand. 

Trello Cards organised in a parent and child hierarchy
Trello Card showing the hierarchy relationship inside it

Identify Dependencies

In many cases, your tasks and projects will have other Trello Cards that are associated with them. 

Use Hierarchy for Trello to clearly identify which cards have dependencies and keep your projects, and all their related tasks, on track. 

Why use Hierarchy for Trello?

Keeps You Organised

Trello Boards typically grow in size over time. With Hierarchy, you can keep your Trello Cards structured in a way that helps you keep on top of the projects and tasks at hand. 

Simple to Use

It’s easy to get going. Once installed, you just need to drag your Trello Cards into their desired locations whether it’s a parent card or a child of another. 


By using Hierarchy for Trello, the Cards are organised in a simple and visual way. It’s easy to move Cards by dragging and dropping them into the desired locations. 

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