Pulse Analytics for Jira

Track User, Project and Issue Activity in Jira Cloud

With Jira at the heart of team working and collaboration across businesses it contains a wealth of information and insights that can inform decision making. 

Have you ever tried to get a report on what work is taking place in Jira? You may even be interested in finding out which Projects or Issues are accessed the most. Trying to do this manually is time consuming, and to be honest, unnecessary. Pulse Analytics for Jira gives you access to unique insights that help you identify popular projects, issues and mitigate potential obstacles in Jira Cloud. 

Access Analytics on Project and Issues

It can be time consuming trying to collate and extract history data on projects and issues. This is partly due to the volume of information you need to trawl through. 

With Pulse Analytics for Jira, you’ll have easy access to activity metrics relating to Projects, Issues and Users. You can use these metrics to identify the most popular projects and issues that your teams are working on.

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Identify Bottlenecks and Obstacles

An efficient team is an effective one. By removing obstacles or escalating problems quickly, you can keep your teams working efficiently and address Issues that are potential bottlenecks to productivity. 

With Pulse Analytics you can easily identify the Projects or Issues that most people are interacting with and understand if there are potential problems that need escalation. 

Recognise your Jira Champions

With so many users in Jira, it’s not always easy to find out who your Jira champions are. There may be some users in your teams who are interacting with more Projects and Issues on a daily basis than others. 

These users are a valuable resource. Not only are they productive team members, but they are potential Jira Champions who can support their peers using Jira and help ongoing training of employees using Jira. 

With Pulse Analytics it’s quick and easy to identify the stars in your team so you can recognise them and make use of their talents. 

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Why use Pulse Analytics?

Insights Readily Available

Remove the need to collate usage data and insights manually. Let Pulse Analytics do the work for you and spend your time translating the information into meaningful actions.  

Informed Decision Making

Use the information available through Pulse Analytics to make better decisions that support the team and organisation using Jira. Identify challenges and obstacles before they become a problem. 

Identify High Performers

It’s great to be able to recognise high performers. With Pulse Analytics, you’ll be able to quickly identify your Jira Champions and harness their talents in other areas. 


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