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Transform the administration experience in Jira cloud with this must-have tool for every Jira admin. 

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system overview

Get a clear, birds-eye view of your Jira configurations

Spend less time searching through different admin screens or writing complex scripts to connect all the dots. Quickly view all of your Jira configurations in one central location and be laser focused on the areas that are most important.

Smart tables

Unlock powerful insights to better inform your decision making

Get a new perspective of the Projects, Custom Fields and other configurations* in Jira with Optimizer’s game-changing smart tables. Easily customize your view to display the exact information you need to make better informed, more confident decisions.

*Dashboards, Inactive Workflows and Boards coming soon

Administration made easy for Jira admins worldwide


Clean-up and optimize Jira with ease and efficiency

Easily identify unused or rarely used Projects, fields and configurations in Jira and queue them for deletion in a matter of seconds. Bulk actions make the Jira clean up process quick, easy and hassle-free from start to finish.


Make changes in seconds with inline editing

You no longer need to access individual Projects, Custom Fields or other configurations to make quick updates and changes. With inline editing, you can kiss goodbye to previously time consuming tasks and make on the fly editing quick, easy, and even enjoyable!

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Change controls

Queue, review, and action changes on your terms

Optimizer has a built-in safety net that prevents any changes (e.g. deletions) being made to Jira until you have reviewed and approved them. If you’re familiar with Review Changes in Advanced Roadmaps, then this will be second nature to you!


Deep dive into the related objects and dependencies across configuratons

Harness the power of Optimizer’s smart tables to get a clear picture of any related objects or dependencies across key Jira configurations*. This information can help you make more informed decisions in your everyday work.

*Deep Dive is only available in specific smart tables (e.g. Workflows)

Popular features

System Overview

View all of your Jira Projects, Custom Fields, and other configurations in one central location.

Smart Tables

Get a better understanding of the related objects and dependencies across your Jira configuration.

Bulk Actions

Make changes to multiple Projects or configurations in seconds, not hours or days!

Inline Editing

Quickly update Projects and other configurations on the fly with the powerful inline editing.

Change Review

Always stay in control. Queue, review and approve changes before they are executed by Optimizer.

CSV Export

Need to do further analysis? No problem! Easily export any data from a smart table into a CSV.

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